NBA Live Mobile Game Is Better Received Than The Console Version

When Electronic Art Sport, the developer of NBA Live Mobile Game, launched the iOS and Android version, there was a lot of apprehension about the quality of the game and the mechanics. As time passed, it is found that the mobile version has been better accepted than the console version. There are several reasons for that. One is that the graphic, animation and sound effects are superb, though you get to see only one specific angle of the camera on the sidelines. But apart from that, the game playing mechanism, the control features, and navigation has been far better than it was originally anticipated.

Features Of The Game 

Considering the features of the game which are suitable for any platform, NBA Live Mobile Game is the most popular virtual sports among all games. It can be played on any iOS or Android platform for which you need to have a simple smartphone. You simply need to have a non-interrupting internet or Wi-Fi connection so that it gets easily connected to the EA server, which takes some time to get connected due to traffic. It is easily and freely downloadable and can be played by logging in it directly by following some simple and quick steps.

Different Modes Of Game Play

There are different modes of gameplay in NBA Live Mobile Game which will provide you with points, prizes and above all excitement. You get to play a 14 game season along with three playoff games against the AI of other opponent teams. You can also play in the Live Event drills which are the bite-sized versions where you try to hit a specific statistical objective. You also get to play head to head games against other gamers which give you handsome rewards and points as well.

Head To Head Games Are Unique


The head to head game of NBA Live Mobile Game is unique for its characteristic features which are unlike any other mobile games of a similar kind. In this mode, you get to compete against other AIs asynchronously that represents the opposing roster. In this mode, one player gets to control the first and third quarter while the other takes over the control of quarter two and four. The benefit that you earn from this mode of the game is much more than the coins and currencies. You get to improve your team’s ranking as well.

Currency Of The Game

The currency of the game plays a very important role, just like any other virtual game, which is required to advance to the game and make a necessary purchase of players. You can earn currency through the different game play like participating in live events and taking part in the various activities and challenges. You can also use the nba live mobile cheats to generate coins and currencies apart from purchasing them for real money. To be very truthful, the features of the game itself are so useful and give you so much opportunity to earn coins and points that you will not find the last two methods important to increase your resources.

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